About Us

Clifford Beers is a mental health clinic serving children and families in the Greater New Haven area.  Our focus is on working with children who have experienced trauma — things like abuse, neglect, witnessing community violence, and loss of a loved one.

At CBC, we believe that in order to best care for a child, it is necessary to consider and, where appropriate, treat not just the child but the entire family.  If we work with a child but place him or her back with a family that is struggling for one or more reasons, what progress can the child truly make?  Thus, care may involve working with one or more additional family members, reviewing the family’s basic needs issues, or connecting with the child’s school and teachers.  In this way we can best remove barriers to healing and help the child pursue a healthy, resilient and happy life.

Offering a wide variety of programs and services – from individual, group and family therapy to providing a family with complete wraparound care – the Clinic strives to ensure that children and families in our community can thrive.

A Brief History

In 1908, and following his commitment to a Connecticut state mental asylum, New Haven Resident and Yale University graduate Clifford Whittingham Beers published his autobiography, A Mind That Found Itself.  The book, which chronicled Beers’ mistreatment as well as the mistreatment of his fellow committed inmates, was an instant success and served as the launching point for a national discussion on the treatment of those suffering from mental illness.

Beers’ authorship as well as his advocacy for proper treatment of the mentally ill resulted in what is today called outpatient therapy.  This type of treatment began by setting aside two rooms every Thursday afternoon in the New Haven Dispensary for “mental hygiene treatment.”  Those rooms evolved into a large, three-story building located at 93 Edwards Street, New Haven, Connecticut as well as satellite locations in and around New Haven.  For a look at how the Clinic came to be, click here to see the Clifford Beers Clinic graphic timeline.

Today, The Clinic offers a variety of services and programs designed to help children and families who have suffered trauma.  For a description of those services, click here

For information on the mission and vision of the Clifford Beers Clinic, click here.