ACCORD @ Clifford Beers

health & wellness for the whole person & the whole family


ACCORD, or Advanced Care CoORDination, partners with and supports the whole person and the whole family to improve wellness.  That is why we say we offer “whole”-istic care.   

ACCORD integrates services to address 

  • behavioral health needs
  • physical health needs, and
  • social determinants of health

Importantly, ACCORD allows for some care in the home, though sometimes it may be necessary for an ACCORD enrollee to see a provider in an office setting.  But rest assured — ACCORD care coordinators and therapists will do whatever they can to accommodate you! 

Other elements of ACCORD include

  • connections to community providers
  • creating a Plan of Care that charts the vision for health and wellness — complete with actions steps to achieve that health and wellness 
  • therapeutic care 
  • coordinated communication among providers including pediatricians and specialists

If you are interested in ACCORD, email or call 203 777-8648 x. 2508.  We look forward to hearing from you.

Insurance note: If you do not have Anthem insurance you can request an out-of-network authorization for ACCORD care.  If you have Anthem insurance, it will be helpful if you have your insurance card/information handy when we first speak with you.  For additional insurance information, click here.