ACCORD @ Clifford Beers

If a family member is struggling with a chronic medical or behavioral health condition, if affects everyone in the family.  

Health and wellness belong to the whole family, which is why we offer “whole”-istic care!  

To deliver “whole”-istic care, Clifford Beers now offers ACCORD.  This program integrates services to address 

  • physical health
  • behavioral health, and
  • social determinants of health

for every family member.

ACCORD addresses the whole person and the whole family!  

Families enrolled in ACCORD receive some care in the home.  Other elements of ACCORD include

  • connections to community providers
  • creating a Plan of Care that charts the family’s vision for health and wellness — complete with actions steps for each family member
  • behavioral health care 
  • coordinated communication among providers including pediatricians and specialists

If you are interested in ACCORD for your family, please contact us.  Email or call us at 203 777-8648 x. 2508.  We look forward to hearing from you.

Insurance note: If you do not have Anthem insurance you can request an out-of-network authorization for ACCORD care.  If you have Anthem insurance, it will be helpful if you have your insurance card/information handy when we first speak with you.  For additional insurance information, click here.