Addressing ACEs in Connecticut: Clifford Beers Deemed a Leader in the Effort

ACEs Connection has prepared profiles of statewide and major local ACEs initiatives in the 50 states and the District of Columbia, and they are now available at

Although no Connecticut state-based effort was defined, Clifford Beers was mentioned as delivering care that understands the impact of trauma.  Per the ACEs Connection website, this series is just the start of curating highlights of the most significant initiatives across the country. The next iteration will provide even more details.

How to use this series: The information on what is happening in each state was synthesized into easy-to-use one-pagers for multiple uses. They can be used:
  • to inform elected officials and other policymakers about community-based initiatives,
  • to provide an overview of state and local activities to potential partners (organizations and individuals),
  • to respond to time-sensitive requests from the members of media who need succinct highlights of state activities,
  • and to learn what is going on in other states and communities.
Take a look, and perhaps be inspired other states’ program and policy ideas!  To see the Connecticut one-page breakdown, click here.  

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