We are known for our passion in legislative and community circles.  The Clinic is a ready and eager advocate looking to join forces with like-minded individuals and organizations interested in improving the quality of and access to mental health care services.

Browse the links below to learn more:

  • CBC CEO Dr. Alice Forrester is one of many speaking out against the proposed cuts to mental health spending.  To read the Register article, click here.
  • CBC contributed to this Childhood Adversity Narrative.  This document does an excellent job of demonstrating the costs and consequences of childhood maltreatment and adversity.
  • In an effort to provide better care at reduced costs for high-needs, high-cost Medicaid beneficiaries, CBC applied for and secured a $9.7M grant to design and implement “Wraparound New Haven.”  The initiative — with a focus on integrating mental and physical health care through thoughtful care coordination — is a truly collaborative effort, and service is being delivered!  To read the “Register” article announcing the program, click here.  To see program specifics including who qualifies, click here.
  • Following the Sandy Hook tragedy, a video was made by celebrities in support of gun control.  The video format and content was replicated by a group of teens in Minnesota also advocating for gun control.  Watch the videos below.
  • Following the school shooting in Newtown, Connecticut, Clifford Beers Clinic clinicians worked with several agencies to help the people of Newtown cope in the aftermath of the tragedy.  In an effort to inform friends of the Clinic’s work, and to provide information to the community on ways to discuss the tragedy with children, CEO Alice M. Forrester, PhD, reached out with an update and helpful links. Click here to see the letter.
  • To support adequate State funding for Connecticut nonprofit organizations, Clinic CEO Alice M. Forrester, PhD, prepared an op-ed piece.  A version of this letter appeared in the December 21, 2012 issue of the New Haven Register. Read Dr. Forester’s letter here.