Autism Services at Clifford Beers Clinic

NEW!  Clifford Beers is now delivering Autism Services to children and families in the Greater New Haven community.yellow-sticky

Autism services are provided in a way that is true to the overall approach to care given at CBC: 

  • Services are multidisciplinary: all providers (psychologists, licensed clinicians, care coordinators, teachers, pediatricians, etc.) and the family work together. 
  • Services are responsive: based on need, they could include educational/legal advocacy, occupational therapy, nutrition support, behavioral health care . . . whatever is needed to foster wellness and health.
  • Services are credentialed: Connecticut state agencies have certified CBC to deliver autism diagnostic evaluations and related services.

The family is very involved in the care and may also receive support services!

These services are provided at our main clinical location: 93 Edwards Street, New Haven, CT.  

CLICK HERE to access the CBC Autism Services Referral Form.  This is how you can begin the process of obtaining services.

Note: Accommodations can be made as necessary to ensure the comfort of families seeking autism services — like quiet location, separate entrance not into main wait room area, and a calm environment.