Master’s Level Internships

Clifford Beers Clinic Master’s Level Internships: Clifford Beers Clinic offers internship opportunities for students who are pursuing a master’s degree in social work, counseling, and similar disciplines.  While not mandatory, because the Clinic serves a growing Latino population, CBC is particularly interested in bilingual (English- and Spanish-speaking) internship candidates.

We offer clinical internships that focus on helping students become clinicians.  The majority of our internship opportunities occur in our Outpatient Clinic, but we occasionally have other programs that host students (e.g., Specialized Services and Trauma Coalition).

Master’s level interns at CBC are responsible for the integrative care of multiple clients.  Practice opportunities include, but are not limited to, individual and family treatment, group therapy, exposure to evidence-based clinical interventions, and collaboration with medical and educational providers.  In exchange for your efforts as a CBC intern, we will provide individual clinical supervision, an educational training program for the academic calendar, a variety of clients with varying clinical presentations, and a welcoming environment.

To see current master’s level internship opportunities and begin the application process, please click here.