Pre-Doctoral Psychology Internship

About Clifford Beers Clinic

Pre-doc psychology interns work primarily within the Clinic’s location at 93 Edwards Street, New Haven, CT. There, interns provide life-altering care for many children and families.

 Founded in 1913, Clifford Beers Clinic is a mental health agency serving the Greater New Haven area. The population served is highly diverse and consists of

children, adolescents, families, and some adults.  Offering a wide variety of programs and services – from individual, group and family therapy, to providing a family with complete wraparound care including but not limited to case management and other community-based services – the Clinic uses a trauma-informed approach as it strives to help children and families live healthy, successful lives within a strong community. Psychology pre-doctoral interns are based primarily in the Outpatient Clinic located at 93 Edwards Street in New Haven; these interns provide individual, group, and family treatment to children and families.  Clifford Beers Clinic also provides an evaluation program, specializing in the assessment of autism and co-morbid problems in which interns can receive training and experience. 

Training Program Mission and Goals 

The mission of the Clifford Beers Clinic is to provide accessible community-based mental health services and advocacy that promote health and resilient lives for children and families.  The goal of the internship is to provide a varied, high-quality training experience that helps to develop the intern’s professional identity as a clinical psychologist.

Interns will receive training in individual and family assessment, evidence-based individual, family, and group therapy, and parent guidance. The internship will include comprehensive training in 

  • clinical and developmental assessment
  • differential diagnosis
  • treatment planning
  • experience in both short- and long-term psychotherapy
The entire Clifford Beers Clinic staff is committed to the health and wellness of every child and family served

Through varied training experiences, interns will develop an integrated understanding of individual psychodynamics, developmental issues, and family systems. Given the agency’s’ longstanding commitment to community-based care, interns will be expected to provide advocacy and case management services for clients as well as engage in community consultation with local agencies and schools. Emphasis is placed on providing treatment and services which are culturally and ethnically sensitive.

The training program is designed to provide interns with the wide range of skills expected of a community mental health practitioner. Training experiences are tailored to the background, goals, and interests of each intern. Interns will be provided with learning experiences and a professional orientation designed to make their skills transferable to other populations and settings. Interns will be provided with opportunities to learn a wide range of therapy techniques, consultation skills, and outreach practices.

Training is achieved through:

  • the provision of direct clinical services
  • individual and group supervision
  • co-therapy and collaborative therapy with experienced staff members
  • participation in various clinical team meetings with multidisciplinary staff
  • didactic and case presentations

Video, audiotape and co-therapy/shadowing are available to use as teaching techniques. Appropriate creativity is encouraged, and interns may be supported in developing independent projects. Interns will work collaboratively with highly qualified professionals from other disciplines including psychiatry, social work, and nursing. The Clinic has a longstanding commitment to training community mental health practitioners and has provided practicum training to graduate social workers, psychologists, clinical nurses, and public health students for over 20 years.

Training Experiences and Expectations

Evidence-based treatment is combined with compassion at Clifford Beers Clinic

This internship program provides a minimum of 1,920 hours of full-time work and training experience to be completed in twelve months. Interns will work 40 hours/week for 48 weeks (52 minus vacation sick days) which provides 1,920 hours total of direct service, support activities, and didactic seminars combined.

Fifty percent (50%) of each intern’s time (20 hours/week) will be spent providing direct clinical services to a diverse population of children, adolescents, and families. The balance is filled with support services/documentation, supervision and training.  There is a strong emphasis on learning, and there are many varied opportunities for ongoing training and supervision including but not limited to

  • TF-CBT
  • Child Parent Psychotherapy
  • Autism Evaluation and Treatment
  • Developmental Trauma
  • Early Childhood
  • Family Therapy

Interns collaborate with supervisors to ensure a balanced caseload with regard to age, gender, and clinical presentation; moreover, the caseload can be tailored toward an area of interest or expertise.  Interns spend approximately four to six hours in training seminars and clinical rounds, receive two hours of face-to-face individual supervision by two different licensed psychologists, and complete one to two intake assessments per week (an additional 8-10 hours/week).  The remaining time is spent in case management, support activities, and documentation (8-10 hours/week). 

With regards to evaluation, interns conduct diagnostic intake assessments weekly as well as initial and ongoing risk assessment and crisis intervention. Each intake includes at least one structured clinical interview with the client (and legal guardian if the client is a minor), behavioral observations, Mental Status Exam, and select self-report measures depending on the age of the client (e.g., child emotional/social/behavioral functioning scales, needs and outcome assessments, adult symptom checklists, etc.).  Psychological testing has not been offered in the past; however, the clinic is committed to starting a psychological evaluation pilot in future.  Please contact the Director of Training for updates to this potential opportunity.  

Intern Selection and Application Process

Applicants must be third- or fourth-year students in a psychology doctoral program, preferably an APA-approved program in clinical psychology. Completion of all course requirements is required prior to the start of internship. Applicants must have at least two years of practicum experience in clinical assessment, psychotherapy and/or psychological testing. Course work and experience in working with children and families, in the treatment of trauma, and in urban, low-income and ethnically diverse populations are highly desirable. Interns who have persistent curiosity, high energy, strong organizational skills, and flexibility are likely to have a positive training year at Clifford Beers Clinic.  

The application process follows APPIC guidelines and is completed online.  Additional materials such as treatment summaries of sample reports may be requested during the interview process.   Invitations for interviews are typically made on or before December 15.  Inquires/requests for more information for this internship can be sent to

Alana Embriano, PsyD, Director of Training/Program Manager of Clinical Services, Clifford Beers Clinic, 93 Edwards Street, New Haven, CT 06511, 203-772-1270 x.1315,