Trauma-Informed Schools



Your school can become trauma-informed.

We can help. 

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A school community that understands why treating trauma — and providing that care — helps build strong and resilient children: sound like a good idea? We think so! 

That’s why Clifford Beers has redesigned its school-based care.  Through our Trauma-Informed Schools programming, we provide services to children and their families and we also work with school staff and faculty to understand and address the impact of trauma on their students. 

Trauma-Informed Schools programming includes the New Haven Trauma Coalition.  The Coalition includes New Haven Public Schools, the City of New Haven, United Way BOOST! and Clifford Beers Clinic.

What is the coalition doing?  In the schools, the coalition is: 

  • delivering care coordination to students and their families
  • providing direct care to address PTSD, depression and behavioral problems while improving functioning, grades, attendance, peer/parent support, and coping skills
  • assessing and screening children for stress
  • training the school workforce in trauma

Interested in learning more?  Interested in getting trauma-informed training for your organization?  WE CAN DO THAT!  Email for more information.

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