Our Results

What is the result we want?  Well, a happy, healthy community — of course!  Isn’t that a wonderful result, for everyone?!

How do we get there?  With care.  Care that addresses the trauma experienced by children and their families so that healing can begin.  At CBC, seven out of every ten children who come to us report at least one traumatic experience; the average number of traumas reported is three.  (The most reported traumas are traumatic loss (such as death or abandonment), emotional abuse, and neglect.)

Children hugging adult 1So, if we heal our children and families, our community can be happier and healthier!  And healing is very possible.  Within three to six months, the children we treat begin to show signs of healing.  Some information on improvements made by Clinic children can be found below.

Special note: to see outcomes from specific programs and interventions, please click here to visit the “Our Impact” page.


At the outset, oppositional behavior is the most reported problem.  During the course of treatment, 45% of our clients show a reduction in anger, and 41% show a reduction in yelling, swearing, or screaming at others.


When behavioral problems are addressed children are able to learn and perform better in school.  As treatment progresses, 52% of our clients report they are no longer refusing to do things that teachers/parents ask, and 28% report improved school attendance and better grades.


Of those clients who report symptoms of post traumatic stress, over 50% no longer show signs of post traumatic stress after six months in treatment.  In other words, these children are no longer having nightmares, intrusive thoughts, or experiencing irritability or anger.  Additionally, overall focus and concentration are better.

Social Connectedness

An important part of a healthy adolescent’s life is social connectedness.  Upon discharge, our adolescent clients report improvements in their relationships with peers (67%) and their family members (72%).