Success Stories

At Clifford Beers, “success” comes in many forms.  Sometimes success is achieved when a child executes the simple act of walking through the front door – it takes courage to commit to therapy.  We also measure success statistically, and some of that is explained in Our Results.

We can also report specific success stories like the one about Patricia who, through our Strong Families program, has received therapy at the Clinic. Her behavior has improved greatly, and you can read her story in our Winter 2012 Newsletter.

From time to time we hear from our Clinic families regarding successes after they have left our care.  Recently we heard from the family Miriam and Nisha who couldn’t say enough about the level of care they received from Clifford Beers Clinic.  We also heard from Kristen, whose son Justin was failing in school but who now, after treatment at the Clinic, is succeeding at home and in school.

We will continue to share success stories here.  Check back often.