Wraparound New Haven

Among other things, the Wraparound New Haven team is fully committed to connecting families to resources that already exist in the community.  To see a calendar full of events and resources that might benefit you or someone you know, click here


ABOUT WRAPAROUND NEW HAVEN:  The program is an exciting opportunity to work with children and families who have significant needs – both medical and behavioral.   Further, the program addresses social determinants of health.  Families in Wraparound New Haven have access to their own care coordinator who will

  • meet with families – in their homes
  • connect families to services covering a great variety of areas including medical, behavioral, housing, school and employment
  • help families define their family and individual goals, and
  • together with the family, develop a care plan with goals to be reached over a 6- to 12-month period.

QUALIFYING FOR WRAPAROUND NEW HAVEN: Among other things, a family is qualified for enrollment when (1) the child has had 2+ emergency department visits or 1 inpatient hospitalization in the last year, and (2) the child has 1 diagnosed medical condition and 1 diagnosed behavioral health issue. To learn more about who qualifies for this program, click here; to access the Wraparound New Haven Qualification Form, click here. Click here to see this Family Flyer that provides a broad description of Wraparound New Haven and is often given to families who may enroll (or who are enrolled) in Wraparound New Haven.  For the Family Flyer in Spanish, click here. You can read Gov. Dan Malloy’s Press Release regarding Wraparound New Haven here. Wraparound New Haven is designed to provide a kind of help that results in better outcomes for children and families while also being more cost effective. For general inquiries, email wrapnewhaven@cliffordbeers.org or call 203-777-8648 x.2233. For media inquires/to arrange interviews, please contact Sheryl McNamee, CBC Communications, via email at smcnamee@cliffordbeers.org. For additional information, call Clifford Beers Clinic at (203) 777-8648 x.2233. Wraparound New Haven was made possible by Grant Number 1C1CMS331329 from the Department of Health and Human Services, Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services.  The contents of this webpage and its attachments are solely the responsibility of the authors and do not necessarily represent the official views of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services or any of its agencies.