With a respected 100+ year history, today Clifford Beers brings leading-edge solutions to children and families seeking mental, physical and social wellness.



The Clifford Beers Board of Directors is comprised of passionate advocates for health and wellness.  Working together, these individuals provide the sound leadership necessary to have the greatest impact in an ever-changing health care landscape.

Dominic B. Schioppo, Jr


Maureen A. Frank


Thomas J. Sansone, Esq


Ricci Cummings, Esq

Vice President  ​​

Richard Leibiger

Christopher L. Levesque

Robert Reed

Tina C. Weiner

Cheryl Williams

Roy Berger

Sandra Bulmer, PhD

Cynthia Cartier, Esq

William S. Colwell, Esq

Jacqueline Epright, CPA

Ruth Eren, EdD

Lynn G. Gabbard

Stephen H. Kovel


Our History

Want a good read?  Download Mind That Found Itself  (1908) by Clifford Whittingham Beers. Mind That Found Itself is Beers' autobiography in which he chronicles his suicide attempt and subsequent confinement to a Connecticut insane asylum.  It is a gripping tale and ends with Beers making the case for outpatient care: those who are suffering will be better served by remaining in their homes with those who love them while simultaneously getting periodic care/therapy in a nearby community setting grounded in compassion.  


Clifford W. Beers became an advocate for outpatient care, and his advocacy did bear results.  In 1913, Beers successfully secured space for outpatient care -- two rooms were set aside for two hours every Thursday afternoon at the New Haven Dispensary (now known as Yale-New Haven Hospital).  Almost instantly, demand far exceeded supply.


 Just over a century later, Beers' idea is the global norm.  

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