We talk a lot about working in schools. 



Because working with children and families in schools removes so many barriers to care including scheduling conflicts, transportation, and stigma.  

Also, all across Connecticut (and beyond!) schools continue to reach out to us to see if we can help them better serve their students.  Specifically, teachers and administrators are turning to Clifford Beers to better understand the impact of trauma on health, behavior, and academic performance.


Trainees report that Clifford Beers trauma training prepares them to understand, recognize and address trauma in their students.  

Clifford Beers provides mental health clinical and support services to students and families in 11 area schools.  Faculty and administrators in these school may also have received trauma training from us.

Presently, the schools we serve are:

Elementary and Middle Schools

  • Bishop Woods Architecture and Design Magnet

  • Clinton Avenue School

  • Fair Haven Pre K - 8 School

  • Lincoln-Bassett Community School

  • John S. Martinez Sea and Sky STEM Magnet

  • Truman School

  • Wexler-Grant Community School

High Schools

  • Hill Regional Career Interdistrict Magnet

  • High School in the Community Interdistrict Magnet

  • Metropolitan Business Academy Interdistrict Magnet

  • Riverside Opportunity Magnet

If you have a child attending one of these schools and are interested in services, contact your child's school directly.


If you need help contacting a school, email us at info@cliffordbeers.org.  


Trauma Training & professional development for your school or organization


Email us at info@cliffordbeers.org.

Let our experts help your team better understand the impact of trauma.


We can help you move from


What is wrong with this child?


What happened to this child?


The difference can change everything for the wellbeing and development of our youth.

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