The Power of Impact

We talk about making an impact. We know we do! We don't talk much about how the work impacts us. Rest assured it does! Bryan Marks, care coordinator in our Trauma-Informed Schools program, recently shared an experience we think will impact you. Brian worked with Laural, a high school senior and on the verge of not graduating -- late too many times turning in assignments. For Laurel, the oldest of four children, the late work was because she was too worried about keeping the family's electric on. "It was dark the first time I visited the home," said Bryan, "but after getting comfortable with the family I asked Laural to turn the lights on, she looked at me sadly and said we have no lights.

SURVEY: In-Person Social Support Critical to Sustaining Changes in Preventive Health Behaviors

NEJM Catalyst recently released interesting survey results; patients rank "improved access to preventive care" as the most effective way to initiate preventive health behavior changes (65%) but rank "in-person social support" as the most effective means of sustaining preventive health behavior changes (64%). At Clifford Beers, we dedicate significant clinical and related services to prevention. Among others, we have a Specialized Services division for at-risk youth designed to stabilize them and teach them how to make better choices; we have a birth-to-five program, Child First, that helps parents at risk for poor child attachment better establish the parent-child bond; and we have care coo

Our namesake, Clifford W. Beers, continues to inspire

Last Friday, Connecticut magazine online ran a story about UCONN medical students and their cross country ride to raise funds for mental health care causes. The story included background on how mental health care evolved here in the United States and highlighted the work of our namesake, Clifford W. Beers, a New Haven-born asylum patient whose subsequent advocacy led to treatment reform for the mentally ill. Today, at Clifford Beers we continue to embrace a pioneering spirit. There are still new trails to blaze, new opportunities to explore -- to better ensure that every child, every family, and every community has the chance to move forward. We're grateful to Connecticut magazine for remem

Heart & Head at Clifford Beers

Conventional wisdom says that community providers talk most effectively about their work when they speak to hearts and to heads. This makes a lot of sense. For some, community-based work is about the impact on people's lives (the "heart"). Does the curly-headed girl still sit scared and alone at school recess, or is she starting to run and play with friends? or Can mom and dad manage their teenage's boy's fits of anger, or must they still call for an ambulance? For others, the success of community-based work is best explained by the amount of forward progress made (the "head"). How much did you improve school attendance? or What was the % increase of functioning for the children you ser

New Affiliation Announced AND New Look/Website -- ALL IN UNDER 24 HOURS!

It was a busy Monday here at Clifford Beers. We started the day by sharing a press release announcing our new affiliation with the Child Guidance Center of Mid-Fairfield (Norwalk). Later, we announced on social media the beginning of our new brand look roll out, and then we launched a new website behind that. Whew! As for the former, we couldn't be more excited. The arrangement allows both agencies to consolidate administration costs so that, together, we can improve access to and quality of care -- both to the benefit of children, families and communities. Click here to read the full press release. As for the latter, after a year working on it we were thrilled to roll out the new brand lo

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