Op-Ed: Child & Behavioral Health Leaders Including CB's Dr. Alice M. Forrester Call for an I

Today, a letter is circulating across the state written by Alice M. Forrester (CEO, Clifford Beers), Roy Berger (CEO, Child Guidance Center of Mid-Fairfield), and Sarah Eagan (Child Advocate, State of Connecticut). Citing multiple concerns including the impact of trauma on children, the trio of behavioral health care leaders is urging citizens and lawmakers alike to join in the call to immediately end the "zero tolerance" policy currently being enforced -- a policy that separates family members, often young children from their parents. You can read the entire letter here. (Photo, above, is a government issued image of the United States Border Patrol Central Processing Center in McAllen, Texa

For many children, policy is inflicting or exacerbating significant trauma

Moving forward. That's the phrase we've embraced to discuss the work we do. Children moving forward. Families moving forward. Communities moving forward. Moving forward through trauma and adversity to health and wellness. It is with great concern, then, that we think through reports about immigrant children being taken from their parents and the conditions in which those children are placed. This Huff Post report is disturbing. If the circumstances as reported are correct, they will serve as a breeding ground to inflict or exacerbate significant trauma on an already vulnerable population. As a result, good behavioral, physical and social health outcomes are in jeopardy. We believe we can

Children & Anxiety & Moving Forward

In 2015, Child Mind Institutes reported that of all emotional disorders anxiety was the most common in children; nonetheless, 80% of children with anxiety do not receive treatment despite anxiety putting children at increased risk for poor decision-making, social phobia, and depression (among other things). Perhaps more concerning -- untreated anxiety can lead to heightened anxiety in the teen years. And, as is commonly known, the teen years already come with some difficulty. At Clifford Beers, we are committed to helping families move forward through challenges like anxiety and depression. We provide care that can help both the child and his/her family feel more balanced, more positive, a

Mark Your Calendars!

So happy to have these resources for families! Our LAUNCH parent coordinator Maria Penedo-Warren is so awesome for sharing these FREE community calendars with action packed activities for our families to use. Enjoy activities like open swim, poetry creations, and even a math tutoring workshop! Click the links below to view both the June and July calendars. Also available in Spanish! June 2018 _ English June 2018 _ Spanish July 2018 _ English July 2018 _ Spanish

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