You can empower your workforce to understand and address trauma.

Today's children face more stress than ever, and many have experienced significant trauma. How can you tell? What would you do if you knew? Is it possible you are making it worse . . . and don't even know it?! Clifford Beers provides training for schools and child-serving organizations interested in exploring the answers to these questions and more. Our trainings offer both theory and practical strategies that have immediate impact in classrooms and similar environments (e.g., camps and child-centric businesses like dance studios, sports/rec facilities, juvenile justice supports, and daycare centers). Our expertise is well received. Said one trainee, "I have learned so much more about tr

Resources for Families in English & Spanish!!!

At Clifford Beers, we are committed to helping families while also avoiding costly duplication of resources. That's why we work so hard to share our deep knowledge of community-based resources with each other . . . and with the families we serve!! This July 2018 calendar contains a wealth of information that may help you or someone you know. Please use and share freely!!! The calendar in English is here and in Spanish is here. To learn more about the care we provide, visit

Social Connection & Connection to Health

“Friends can exert a measurable and ongoing influence on your health behaviors in a way that a diet never can,” Mr. Buettner said. That quote is from the attached New York Times article that makes the case for friends' influence on health. At Clifford Beers, we know this very well, and it is why we talk a lot about the importance of social connection. Whether the support is natural (family, friends) or informal (church, mentor), it is a key factor family health and wellness!!! You can read the full Times article here.

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