For over a decade, Community Healing Network (CHN) has been building the movement for emotional emancipation across the African Diaspora. CHN has created a long-needed infrastructure for healing within the communities it serves. The Global Truth Campaign & Tour will launch October 12, 2018 in its birthplace of New Haven, CT. Its focus is emotional emancipation for Black children. CHN will engage Black parents, teachers, and leaders of community-based organizations in the work of freeing Black children with the truth of their history, and the truth of their worth. Registration is open. Details can be found on the flyer below or at

Supporting New Haven's Students and Families through Collaboration: $965,000 in New Funding from

We offer a wealth of programs and services for children and families, but we have reduced impact without a way to get care to those who need it. Thankfully, supporters like the Dalio Foundation make it possible for us to remove barriers to care (e.g., transportation, stigma) and be in schools where access expands impact! This will be the fourth year of our collaboration with the Dalio Foundation, and we are incredibly grateful for their support as well as our deep partnership with New Haven Public Schools. Learn more about what we're doing and where we're doing it here.


"Yay! Purple," says an excited little girl. "Thank you!!” It is wonderful to hear this great reaction. It is more special because this girl’s parents are actually having a tough financial go of it. For several years, we (Clifford Beers) have tracked the cost of back-to-school supplies and the number is staggering. “On average a family with two elementary school children will spend over $300 per student on back-to-school supplies,” says Jennifer Cretella, director of development and backpack drive organizer. This estimate does not include clothes or electronics. As you can imagine need grows with every new school year. Thankfully, with the support of friends, donors and local compa

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