Point of View: Mental Health

It is estimated that 40% to 50% of current marriages will end in divorce, and that means roughly 100% of children in those families may experience traumatic loss as the family winds its way through the divorce process and reshapes itself. "You need to create a space so that the children can talk about the loss that they're feeling," says Dr. Alice M. Forrester, chief executive officer at Clifford Beers in New Haven, CT. Watch the video to hear more from Dr. Forrester. Clifford Beers is a mental health agency offering services that include treating children who have experienced trauma. Care is delivered in a way that involves the entire family, i.e., if the family is unstable the child's pr


"Point of View: Mental Health" is our agency's vlog space. For this Vol. I, Clifford Beers CEO Dr. Forrester shares thoughts for adults regarding a child's disclosure of sexual abuse. "Be there for your child in a loving, safe way," she says. The frequency of sexual abuse is difficult to gauge because it is often not reported; experts agree that the incidence is far greater than what is reported to authorities. The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services’ Children’s Bureau report Child Maltreatment (2010) found that 9.2% of victimized children were sexually assaulted. Some experts believe as many as 1 in 5 girls and 1 in 20 boys are victims of child sexual abuse. In all events, should

Op-Ed: When Bad Things Happen to Children

Clifford Beers CEO Alice M. Forrester, PhD, has prepared a guest column in advance of her keynote address for Ignite 2018, a scholarly conference to address the trauma of sexual abuse for the Memphis-based newspaper, Commercial Appeal. Dr. Forrester's expertise has helped inform many community responses to trauma, and she looks forward to working with the Memphis community as it strives to prevent and address child sexual abuse. You can read the column here.

ARTICLE: "Extending Mental Health Help to Vulnerable Kids" from "U.S. News and World

Today, U.S. News and World Report published a story about the prevalence of trauma in children and, more importantly, how communities ACROSS THE COUNTRY are responding! The response in places like Durham, NC and Baltimore, MD includes school-based trauma-informed interventions as well as integrated care! A lot of what you will read in this article is happening right here in New Haven and, in fact, across Connecticut. Browse our website at www.cliffordbeers.org to learn more!!!

Dalio Foundation Continues to Support Whole-Child/Whole-Family Approach to Health, Wellness & Le

Like the three school years before this one, we have been able to serve New Haven public school children by offering support -- therapy and care coordination -- to those experiencing trauma and/or facing complex circumstances. Things like abuse, neglect, loss of a loved one, food insecurity, housing insecurity and perhaps even medical issues (asthma, diabetes) can swirl together and serve as a real barrier to well-being and classroom learning. But with the support of the The Dalio Foundation (Westport, CT), we can continue to work together to help children find a way through that adversity. What's more, we know the efforts are working. We track the progress of those we serve, and we see gr

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