Naomi Libby, MD, Named New Medical Director at Clifford Beers

Clifford Beers is pleased to announce that Naomi Libby, MD, has been named as its new medical director. Alice M. Forrester, PhD, CEO of Clifford Beers, said the addition of Dr. Libby will further the agency's commitment to integrated care in pursuit of improved health and wellness for all children and families. "Dr. Libby will not just inform excellence in care delivery," said Dr. Forrester. "With an eye on system-level change, she will help us refine models of care that impact those we serve at Clifford Beers. As the agency grows, we know we will benefit greatly from her insight, experience and passion." According to Dr. Libby, she was interested in joining Clifford Beers because of its e

Braided & Blended Funding in CT Can Help Advance Child Health & Wellness

At Clifford Beers, we are concerned first and foremost with one thing -- getting children and families the support they need to live lives of health and wellness. That may seem like a pretty straightforward task, but executing it requires that a lot of things work, not the least of which is state and federal funding. As the Connecticut General Assembly prepares to review a state budget proposal from first-term Governor Ned Lamont, I ask that lawmakers keep the real goal in mind -- quality of life for us all. So many families rely on state funding for services we provide to heal from trauma, and without those services those same folks face significant social, emotional, and health challenges

A Bystander Told Us: The Buzz on Clifford Beers Is GREAT!

Full disclosure: we changed a few facts in the story below to ensure all identities are protected, but overall the gist is the same -- there is great buzz on the care we give, and there are times it comes right from the people we serve!!!! We are so grateful to YOU for supporting our work. Thank you so much. When you think of why you support Clifford Beers, we hope this stays with you.

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