Our Team at Embrace New Haven


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Leslie Brown

Neighborhood: The Hill North/Downtown

Specialty: Maternal Health/Nutrition


Leslie Brown, a graduate of the University of Connecticut, has a Bachelors in Nutritional Sciences and is a Certified Lactation Counselor. She began her journey after college as a Nutritionist for the PANA program in the Hispanic Health Council in Hartford, followed by two years as a Call Center Representative for Peoples bank and then a Nutritionist at the Hartford WIC office from which she transferred to the New Haven WIC office of YALE hospital. At WIC, she was also assigned the role of Breastfeeding Coordinator and served families by providing nutrition counseling, referrals and breast feeding support for 7 years. Leslie recently found a new passion in systems work, aiming to create impactful change for her community and beyond as a Community Health Organizer for Clifford Beers, Embrace New Haven (CT InCK) initiative. She is a sister of Lambda Theta Alpha Latin Sorority Inc., is happily married with three beautiful children and loves to read, dance and travel when given the chance. Her life's goal is to play a small role in creating a world where children and people of all races, genders, abilities and more can thrive in an equal, equitable and just environment with love, compassion and forgiveness.


Alice Corrigan

Neighborhood: Westville
Specialty: Education

Alice Corrigan is a Community Health Organizer with the Embrace New Haven Program. She joined the Clifford Beers Team in April of 2019 as a Case Manager with the Community Support Team. While with CST,  she partnered with a licensed clinician to work with families in their home, schools and community utilizing a wraparound approach. A 1997 Graduate of the University of Hawaii, Alice double majored in Psychology and Sociology. Studying sociology and understanding it’s impact on her community and those around her sparked Alice’s love of wanting to create a change for the better. You may know her for her work as a behavioral interventionist in the Clinton Public Schools, where her primary focus was working with students on the autism spectrum. Along with her Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA) certification,  Alice has years of training, direct  experience and a great understanding of children with ID, ED and ASD. A busy mother three, Alice’s greatest joy is watching her kids play competitive sports. She also enjoys reading, cooking, traveling and spending time with family and friends.

Claudette Kidd

Neighborhood: The Hill South

Specialty: Housing


Claudette Kidd is a Community Health Organizer with Embrace New Haven (CT InCK)  at Clifford Beers. With a degree in Early Childhood Education, Claudette has over 15 years experience as an educator at the Head Start Program, Gateway Community College, and Highville Charter School. Her passion for change includes unannounced inspections for Homelessness Shelters, Affordable Housing for All, Health Equity, Room for All, and Christian Community Action’s Mothers and Others for Justice where she is an Executive Member. Most recently, she is a member of the City of New Haven Housing Commission. Her accomplishments include being a SCSU Community Research Fellow and serving on the SCSU Reach (Racial, Ethnic Approaches to Community Health) Steering Committee. She has also been involved with the Milford Parent Leadership Training Institute, Witness to Hunger, and Health Equity Collaborative. Claudette still finds time to be creative and enjoys designing and sewing, baking and decorating cakes, crafts, African American and Caribbean History, and listening to an eclectic mixture of music. Her dream is for Equity and Equality in her community.


Ken Okwuosa

Neighborhood: Dwight/Edgewood/West River
Specialty: Law Enforcement/Family/Juvenile Justice


Ken Okwuosa is an immigrant from Nigeria who relocated to the United States in 1989, and has found his home here in Connecticut since then. Before becoming a Community Health organizer, he initially joined Clifford Beers in 2019 as a Case Manager serving families with complex needs. Ken has over 30 years experience working with individuals who are involved and affected by the Criminal Justice System as well as with mental health and behavioral issues in the New Haven community. He is a graduate of Springfield College, Mass., and holds a dual BScs degree in Human Services and Criminal Justice. He has formerly served as a Juvenile Detention Officer for the New haven Juvenile Detention Center and Office of Adult Probation. He went on to be the Director of the My Father, My Son mentoring program in Hamden and has been heavily involved in the Juvenile Justice Mentoring Network where he dedicated his time to mentoring and supporting youth and families who have been affected by the criminal justice system. Today as a CHO for Clifford Beers, Ken continues to work in the community to reduce barriers to wellness and improve overall quality of life for New Haven residents. Ken enjoys coaching and playing soccer, volleyball, and basketball, has a passion for red wine, and lives in North Haven with his partner and four children.


Luz Ramos-Ortega

Neighborhood: Fair Haven

Specialty: Care Coordination

Luz M. Ramos-Ortega is a Community Health Organizer at Clifford Beers and has held various positions at Clifford Beers for the last 8 years. For years she dreamed of working with families in the New Haven community, and that dream is now a reality. She has 16 years of experience in the mental health field, including receiving various trainings in the wraparound model of care, crisis mediation, YMCA facilitation for the diabetes prevention program, and the Parent Leadership Training Institute. Additionally, she has attended the New Haven Citizens Academy and is a certified armed private investigator from the Criminal Justice Program. Luz is a firm believer that change begins with yourself, and that by getting involved in your community and helping those that are more vulnerable, we can make the world a better place. She considers her Mother to be her biggest hero, who always helped people by feeding them, listening to their needs, and providing a safe space for children to be happy and laugh freely. Her Mother never judged anyone, loved with an open heart and loved music; all values that Luz carries in her heart and in her work today.

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Taylor Smith

Neighborhood: Newhallville/Dixwell
Specialty: Maternal Health/Elderly Services

Taylor Smith is a Community Health Organizer at Clifford Beers specializing in Maternal Health and services for the elderly. As a long-time resident of Newhallville, Taylor strives to further build relationships in her community, serve as a community resource, and strives to create sustainable improvements to health outcomes for New Haven residents. She is a Doula in training under Earth’s Natural Touch: Birth Care and Beyond (ENT) which is the only Black-owned and operated Doula collective in Connecticut. ENT was created in response to the poor birth and health outcomes and disparities Black women face. As a Black woman, New Haven resident and young mother, Taylor has always had a personal passion for her work. She comes from a family that has long served the New Haven community in various capacities and is excited to further contribute to this family tradition.


JoAnne Wilcox

Neighborhood: Beaver Hill/West Hills/West Rock

Specialty: Substance Use Treatment


JoAnne Wilcox is a Community Health Organizer, serving the Beaver Hills, West Hills, and West Rock Neighborhoods in New Haven. Known in the community as Jo, she is committed to building a healing community, a restorative community, and works to  restructure the systems that get in the way of both. Over the last 30 years, she has ticked away slowly, and recently completed the longtime goal of receiving her degree, an independent major, Design in Applied Support Studies. She is the mom to three grown children, and lives with her partner and pet cat. She’s lived in New Haven for 22 years, grew up in San Diego, and lived in Kentucky, Illinois, and Virginia, in between.  An artist and creative, Jo comes to this work after a career as an environmental portrait and event photographer, and still maintains a small studio in Westville.