Positive: excitement, action, adventure, love, passion, food

Negative: danger, death, caution, anger, hunger

Color in brand and logo art (


Positive: power, calmness, success, trustworthiness
{the most common and most liked color}


Positive: harmony, health and healing, nature, prosperity, money

Negative: greed, jealousy


Positive: simplicity, cleanliness, innocence, purity, peacefulness

Negative: death, mourning (in certain cultures)

Focus group thoughts on verbiage/art of present design (Parkel & Development focus groups)

"Sounds like rehab."

"Doesn't say who we help or what we do." 

"Heart and hand art small, distorted, ineffective."

"You're not a 'clinic' you're Clifford Beers." (i.e., more of an idea/collective and less of a place/thing.

"Juvenile focus with primary colors."

"Red can be blood, murder, death, stop signs."

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