The Marne Street Clinic is a family-friendly resource for individuals with autism spectrum disorder or intellectual/developmental disabilities.  Providing a wide range of care in one place offers convenience -- and a great chance to improve the quality of life for all family members.

"I can't begin to tell you how much easier day-to-day things are. Trips to the grocery store or school drop offs are possible now -- without always being a nightmare."

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Access and Accommodations in College/Post Secondary Programs for Youth with Disabilities

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Understanding Special Education and the Services and Supports School Systems are Required To Provide


Attending Camp, Daycare

or After-School Programs

for Youth with


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Marne Street Clinic offers a family-friendly resource for

children and adults with autism or

intellectual/developmental disabilities.


Services cover the individual's full life span.  There is no "aging out" of care.


All family members including parents and siblings have access to support and care.


  • Services offered include:

    • Diagnostic evaluations (using the ADOS-2)

    • Psychiatric evaluations

    • Medication management

    • Social skills groups

    • Parent support groups

    • Care coordination

    • Individual and family therapy

    • Nutrition consultation

    • Speech therapy

    • Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA)

Different but complementary services exist under one roof so families no longer need to drive across the state to see multiple providers.

We accept insurance from many insurance companies as well as Medicaid (HUSKY).  For more on insurance, click here.

There are times when Marne Street Clinic services will not be appropriate for someone who comes to us.  In that case, we will work with the individual and/or his family to help find appropriate care. 

Note: Accommodations can be made as necessary to ensure the comfort of families seeking autism services — like a quiet location, separate entrance away from the main wait area, and an overall calm environment.

* All groups at Marne Street Clinic run subject to enrollment.


Frequently Asked Questions


What is the benefit of this type of care?
Overall, families tell us we offer stability and improved quality of life. In sibling support groups, siblings learn they’re not alone -- that other families have similar circumstances. Parent support groups serve as both an outlet and a learning opportunity. For the affected individual, social skills groups and psychiatric services focus on gaining communication skills, acquiring problem-solving skills, developing new friendships, and more!

What makes these services different?
Care is offered in a truly comprehensive fashion -- all under one roof. Families no longer need to drive across the state to see multiple providers. Most needs can be met in the clinic or through a nearby resource.

Is this care covered by my insurance?
We accept insurance from many insurance companies, as well as Medicaid (HUSKY). When you first visit with us we can guide you regarding steps to take to get as much coverage as your insurance company allows.

How do families start receiving these services?

Contact Marne Street Clinic @ Clifford Beers: