Psychological Testing

Psychological testing can provide accurate diagnoses and comprehensive recommendations to help you better understand yourself or your child.  


Psychological testing results will provide meaningful guidance so that those in need of care -- adults, adolescents, and children alike -- can be connected to the appropriate supports and services.  


The evaluations we offer can determine a number of diagnoses including but not limited to autism, developmental disabilities, intellectual disabilities, attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), mood disorders (e.g., depression, bipolar disorder), anxiety disorders, and trauma-related disorders (e.g., posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD)).  


We also offer evaluations that can help determine eligibility for gifted or academically advanced programs or to help identify a learning disability; we can also provide personality evaluations and screening for neuropsychological impairments.


Additional psychological testing information: 


  • Evaluations may be covered by insurance.  For more on insurance, click here.   

  • Evaluations result in a comprehensive Diagnostic Evaluation Report that is provided to the individual being tested (or the individual's parent/guardian)

  • Evaluations are conducted at:

    • Marne Street Clinic, 41 Marne Street, Hamden

    • 93 Edwards Street, New Haven

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