Thank you for your interest in the Clifford Beers psychology trainee and doctoral internship programs.


If you are considering a psychology trainee or doctoral internship with us, please click the handbook icon, right.  Our Psychology Trainee and Doctoral Internship Handbook will provide you with a wealth of information regarding Clifford Beers, the work done at the agency, our locations, the populations we serve, and the professional training experience at Clifford Beers. 


Topics covered in the handbook include:

  • History & Mission

  • Doctoral Internship Program

  • Stipend & Benefits

  • APA Accreditation Status

  • Training Philosophy & Goals

  • Requirements

  • Application & Selection Process

  • Staff

  • Grievance & Due Process Policy


Applicants are encouraged to fully explore this website as well as the agency’s social media presence for a more comprehensive look at Clifford Beers.

Questions?  Send an email to  We are happy to help!

Psychology Trainee and Doctoral Internsh