Heart & Head at Clifford Beers

Conventional wisdom says that community providers talk most effectively about their work when they speak to hearts and to heads.

This makes a lot of sense. For some, community-based work is about the impact on people's lives (the "heart"). Does the curly-headed girl still sit scared and alone at school recess, or is she starting to run and play with friends? or Can mom and dad manage their teenage's boy's fits of anger, or must they still call for an ambulance? For others, the success of community-based work is best explained by the amount of forward progress made (the "head"). How much did you improve school attendance? or What was the % increase of functioning for the children you served?

This is all to say that at Clifford Beers we welcome the opportunity to speak to both. Our website's tab -- "Impact" -- will give you a look at thank you notes from families who continue to move forward following their time with us. You can also find data sheets in that same section that speak to aggregate success.

The heart-and-head combination is alive and well at Clifford Beers. To learn more, please stop by www.cliffordbeers.org.

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