The Power of Impact

We talk about making an impact. We know we do!

We don't talk much about how the work impacts us. Rest assured it does!

Bryan Marks, care coordinator in our Trauma-Informed Schools program, recently shared an experience we think will impact you.

Brian worked with Laural, a high school senior and on the verge of not graduating -- late too many times turning in assignments. For Laurel, the oldest of four children, the late work was because she was too worried about keeping the family's electric on.

"It was dark the first time I visited the home," said Bryan, "but after getting comfortable with the family I asked Laural to turn the lights on, she looked at me sadly and said we have no lights." Bryan wondered instantly: How do these kids do school work? Do they shower in the dark? Do they eat breakfast and dinner in the dark?

Bryan got straight to work talking with the power company and working out a payment plan for past and future power bills. In their first day of care, the family had lights!

"Paying the electric bill might be a small budget item for some families," said Bryan, "but when you have to choose between food on the table, two asthma prescriptions, or the electric bill you don't have much of a choice."

To give a family a quick success is gratifying. "That was a win for this family," said Bryan. "They were so appreciative that someone took the time out to call the UI company and have the patience to work out a payment plan." They also appreciated how Bryan connected them to a discount pharmacy membership so that the two inhalers being purchased monthly were made more affordable.

To thank him, Laural invited Bryan to her high school graduation because she did graduate on time. And, what else did Laural do? During the graduation ceremony, each graduate was given a rose to hand to someone whose influence and support had real impact.

Laurel handed Bryan her rose.

To learn more about how we are making an impact, visit

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