For many children, policy is inflicting or exacerbating significant trauma

Moving forward.

That's the phrase we've embraced to discuss the work we do.

Children moving forward.

Families moving forward.

Communities moving forward.

Moving forward through trauma and adversity to health and wellness.

It is with great concern, then, that we think through reports about immigrant children being taken from their parents and the conditions in which those children are placed. This Huff Post report is disturbing. If the circumstances as reported are correct, they will serve as a breeding ground to inflict or exacerbate significant trauma on an already vulnerable population. As a result, good behavioral, physical and social health outcomes are in jeopardy.

We believe we can and should do better by these children (and perhaps, too, their parents, whose circumstances are not clear to us at this time). In support of that we will raise our voice. We encourage you to do likewise.

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