On National Connecticut Day, Let's Embrace Our Revolutionary Spirit!

National Connecticut Day: August 10, 2018

Tomorrow is National Connecticut Day, and it's a pretty great thing to have a day set aside for the Nutmeg State!

Connecticut was founded by revolutionary thinking, and I believe that thinking is alive and well today. As we look ahead to the next legislative session, I'd like our lawmakers and agency leaders to embrace that spirit. Now is the time to lead the nation in healthcare payment reform that allows for cost effective interventions that have impact, like home-based care coordination. We have data from a large $10 million project to indicate home-based care coordination can improve health and wellness for high-needs families while avoiding costly in-patient or emergency room usage. Why wouldn't we want to lead the nation down such a successful path? Remember, we have led this nation many times before -- with great results!

We are happy to talk with everyone about what we did in that project, Wraparound New Haven, and how we can use the information to build a statewide healthcare system that works for everyone. One day we think it can have impact across the nation.

Connecticut, let's stay revolutionary!

Alice M. Forrester

CEO, Clifford Beers

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