Dalio Foundation Continues to Support Whole-Child/Whole-Family Approach to Health, Wellness & Le

Like the three school years before this one, we have been able to serve New Haven public school children by offering support -- therapy and care coordination -- to those experiencing trauma and/or facing complex circumstances.

Things like abuse, neglect, loss of a loved one, food insecurity, housing insecurity and perhaps even medical issues (asthma, diabetes) can swirl together and serve as a real barrier to well-being and classroom learning. But with the support of the The Dalio Foundation (Westport, CT), we can continue to work together to help children find a way through that adversity.

What's more, we know the efforts are working. We track the progress of those we serve, and we see great trends: things like improved attendance, better grades and fewer suspensions. We are incredibly grateful for the Dalio Foundation's commitment to the work so that we can report these outcomes.

Today's New Haven Register article discusses the work more fully. You can read it here. Interested in learning more? Emails us at info@cliffordbeers.org.

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