Meet Micah! MSC is a One-Stop Shop for This Little Guy

July 8, 2019

Since the opening in November 2017, Marne Street Clinic (MSC) has seen over 500 children and their families -- each family unique in their own way.


This little guy, pictured left, is Micah. Micah has made such an impression on the MSC staff that they HAD to share his story with us!

Micah (now age 5) and his mom first heard about MSC during the grand opening back in 2017.  "My son's grandmother gave me a copy of a newspaper clipping. I decided right there and then to make an appointment, and it was the best decision I ever made," says Mom. 


Micah started with outpatient one-on-one therapy once a week. Mom explained it was very hard in the beginning because Micah did not talk, was still in diapers, and the sessions did not quite fit their schedule. But, they kept going. 


As MSC started adding services, Micah and his mom took full advantage of all that MSC had to offer. Micah has utilized both the nutritionist and pediatrician and now Applied behavior analysis (ABA) therapy. "It truly is a one-stop-shop for Micah and me!" said Mom. "While my son has a "regular" pediatrician, she is not well-versed in autism, so when we had concerns such as stimming or behavioral challenges, it was great to confer with someone who is more familiar with this behavior."


While Micah still receives speech therapy outside of MSC, Micah's ABA team and speech pathologist communicate to track progress and share treatment plans. Since Micah has started attending MSC, he has shown significant growth by being able to say his name, ask for his clinicians, and respond with "yes" and "no".  To top it all it off he now can sing "Let It Go" from his favorite movie "Frozen"!


"We still have our struggles, but he's come a long way, and I am forever hopeful for what my little Micah will learn next," says Mom.