Beyond ABA: How Coordinated Care Supports Clients and Their Families Living with Autism

On October 26, 2019 Kaitlyn Fenner, LCSW, Clinical Program Manager and Trude Piscitelli, RN, VP Integrated Care presented at the 2019 ASRC Autism Resource Fair. Kaitlyn and Trude presented on how coordinating care can support clients and their families that are living with autism.

This workshop is aimed at anyone wondering what other services might be available beyond ABA work. How can community mental health resources support my child and family? Can my child participate in outpatient therapy with ABA? What does a care coordinator do? What should I expect from meeting with a therapist? How do I know if a specialty like art therapy or trauma work can help? What are community supports for finding a psychiatrist? Why integrated care?

You can review the full presentation by clicking HERE.

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