Trauma Training

and speaking engagements


We know that teachers and others who work with children can benefit from an understanding of trauma: what it looks like, how it behaves, ways to help de-escalate behavior driven by trauma. 


The benefits are real.  From Newtown to Stratford to New Haven and beyond, teachers tell us trauma training HELPS! 


An understanding of the impact of trauma enhances the learning environment, increases safety, and leads to a school community that moves from asking what's wrong with you to what happened to you?


Last year we trained over 1,100 individuals in a variety of trauma-related topics. 


If this is your organization's year to explore trauma and the impact it has on the children you serve, let us know.

"Excellent information – I am still taking it all in! Thank you! My main 'takeaways' from this are the examples and symptoms associated with trauma, and the responses teachers should have to the situations that arise as a result of kids experiencing trauma."


– Elementary School Teacher 

let's work together to build



With trauma training, your organization can build a framework that weaves together (1) a meaningful understanding of trauma, (2) informed responses to trauma, and (3) strategies that better support physical, psychological and emotional safety for all.   


Some of our more popular trainings include:  

Trauma 101
Trauma 102
Trauma-Informed Care
Advanced Trauma
Building Trauma-Informed Spaces (e.g., classrooms)
Trauma-Focused Group Intervention  (with Learning Collaborative)
Trauma-Informed Self-Care, Vicarious Trauma & Secondary Traumatic Stress
Wraparound Overview